The world of college football reacts to the video in the locker room of the University of California in Los Angeles


There was a storm in the UCLA locker room Saturday afternoon after the Bruins’ close win over… South Alabama.

UCLA needed to score from the game to beat South Alabama at the Rose Bowl on Saturday. It was a pretty pathetic performance by the Pac-12 program.

To make matters worse, the Bruins threw a locker room party after a lackluster win.

“UCLA went berserk in the locker room after beating South Alabama,” FOX College Football said.

Seriously? It’s always nice to celebrate a victory, but it seems a bit excessive.

Perhaps UCLA is really ready to join the Big Ten. UCLA almost lost to rival FCS, but didn’t do its job to the full, as Northwestern did on Saturday.

“UCLA beat the Sun Belt team with a score of 1, scoring the ball from the game in the last second in an almost empty home stadium…,” said the Classless Skip.

“This football program doesn’t deserve to be sidelined by the Big Ten,” Cam wrote.

“They were ahead by 15.5 points and won by a margin of 1… you’d think they’d won the national championship,” Dave Stockton Jr. said.

Yeah. Good luck with the rest of the season, UCLA.


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