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Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin rarely has a filter when it comes to promoting his team, but his recent comments about a new Rebels player may be the best example.

Charlie Pollock was recently named the new Ole Miss player, and Kiffin addressed the media on Monday. However, when asked where he found Pollock, Kiffin replied that only he could give:

“I don’t know much about him. I think he was in the dorm, like at a keg party or something,” Kiffin said.

At least he was honest. And the wider college sports world appreciated how hilarious his statement was. People are mostly willing to believe Kiffin’s story at face value:

Lane Kiffin has a reputation for partying. Whether this is fully deserved is up for debate.

But Kiffin has already fallen in love with himself at Ole Miss after leading the Rebels to a 10-3 season and a trip to the Sugar Bowl in 2021. Now he is 15-8 in two seasons with consecutive cup appearances and getting into the top 12. to his credit.

As for Charlie Pollock, if he turns out to be a good player, maybe Ole Miss State will stop wasting time scouting school games and start exploring the Mississippi fraternity scene instead.

Do you believe Lane Kiffin was telling the truth?


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