The world of college football reacts to the news about the broadcast of Notre Dame


It is reported that NBC has found a new broadcast team for the 2022 season and beyond.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Jason Garrett and Jake Collinsworth will take the place of Mike Tirico and Drew Brees, Brie will leave in a year, and Tirico will move to a permanent job at Sunday Night Football.

The world of college football reacted to the new pair of the network on social networks.

“I didn’t plan to go to any ND games this year. Maybe that should change now…” one user replied.

“Silence,” wrote another.

“Collinsworth alone was enough.”

“Not a fan,” Harrison Vapnek tweeted.

“I can’t help but get mad at all my friends on TV,” commented James Santelli. “They’re all talented people who work hard too, but Jake Collinsworth turns the Nepotism of Slip ‘n Slide into a network step-by-step job.”

“If I was a Notre Dame fan, I would hate NBC so much,” said another. “Sure, Mike Golic is right here in South Bend, but why use him when a guy who hasn’t had anything to do with school or CFB for decades can work with a totally green guy playing games?”

“Jacques may well be good at this. I’m not very familiar with his work. But the problem is that there are *many* really good broadcasters who deserve attention for such an opportunity and will never see them, because their last name is not Collinsworth,” Tyler Griever replied.

“NBC could have taken a bold step and put a decent woman in the booth (Andrea Kremer, Hannah Storm, Beth Mowins),” Deadspin’s Julie DiCaro tweeted. “Instead, we get this.”

There aren’t many happy CFB fans.


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