The world of college football reacts to the contradictory ratings of the fan base


Whenever any rating of American football fan bases is published, disputes and debates are bound to arise. Therefore, it is not surprising that the latest models are just as popular.

Big Game Boomer recently published its ranking of the 20 most sensitive fan bases and the 20 least sensitive fan bases. Considering how subjective these two terms are, it is difficult to give one or another quantitative definition.

Arkansas ranks first among the most sensitive fans, followed by Texas, Florida, Kentucky and Oklahoma. Among the least sensitive fans, Wisconsin took first place, followed by Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas and Purdue.

Naturally, the fans had a lot of thoughts about these two ratings and the 40 teams that made it up. But the general answer was that Nebraska in 19th place was the least sensitive was absurd:

Be that as it may, Big Game Boomer responded to this latest comment by stating that Nebraska fans are “friendly, not sensitive.”

There were many other fan bases in the comments that caused controversy. From haters from Wisconsin to fans from Oklahoma and curious fans from Alabama, all sorts of controversies are brewing around this list.

How do you even decide what makes one fan base more sensitive than another?

It looks like it was just a complicated attempt from Big Game Boomer to stir up the pot.

Although the mission is accomplished.