The world of college football prays for coach Jim Mcelwine


Dylan Buell / Getty Images

After a health scare over the weekend, the college football world rallied around Central Michigan head coach Jim McElwain.

On Monday, McElwain shared an update on his status via Twitter.

Tweet: “I had a seizure on Sunday. I’m doing well, and all the tests are good. The doctors asked me to stay in the hospital for a few days, so I won’t be at MAC Media Day. I know Coach Eiki, Lew and Jamez will do a great job. I can’t wait for the camp to start.”

It didn’t take long for McElwain to get support from his NCAAF family:

“Pray, coach,” the analyst tweeted .

“Get well, Coach.”

“Get well soon,” a Colorado fan tweeted. “Once a ram, always a ram.”

“I love you, Coach Mac,” commented C.J. Gardner-Johnson. “Get well soon.”

“I hope for a quick recovery, Coach Mac!” replied the Fuss Belt.

“Best wishes to Coach McElwain,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Get well, Coach!” said Penn State assistant Jajuan Seider.

Let’s hope that very soon we will see Coach McElwain on the field again!


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