The world of college football is concerned about the fate of Gus Johnson today


On Saturday afternoon, beloved American football announcer Gus Johnson was on call for Nebraska’s home game against Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, when the second half began, his broadcast partner Joel Klatt announced that Johnson would not be calling in the second half, as he had coped with illness.

“Gus is feeling good, he’s just feeling really bad,” Klatt said during the broadcast. When Johnson left, Klatt took over, and Brady Quinn became his analyst.

The football world was thinking about Johnson this afternoon.

“It’s frustrating to hear that Gus Johnson is too sick to go in the 2nd half,” said legendary TV host Tim Brando. “Get well, brother! Joel Klatt is an analyst who, as I said, can easily switch to PXP. Brady Quinn comes to the booth to help with the analysis, which speaks to both the guys and their combined talents.”

“Nebraska disgusted Gus Johnson to the point of physical illness. SMH,” one fan joked.

“Now we can add ‘bring Gus Johnson to illness’ to the horror of our beloved Huskers,” another fan said.

Joking aside, we hope Johnson will feel better very soon.


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