The World Is Evolving To This: The Importance Of Bitcoin (BTC) In Crisis Situations!


Sad events and crisis situations show that Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies provide an exit door to humanity and produce solutions. Today, although the banking and other financial sectors provide 24/7 transactions and make progress in many areas, they cannot keep up with the speed of cryptocurrencies and the world is evolving into a much different universe.

Bitcoin is Advantageous in Every Way!

The main advantage of Bitcoin is that it works on a decentralized blockchain. In other words, the system works continuously and provides efficiency without being dependent on any government, without the need for the guidance of economists and without any broker. In addition, the fact that Bitcoin is a digital currency and therefore does not need materials makes it advantageous. In addition, since transactions on the Bitcoin network are faster than traditional bank transactions, Bitcoin becomes the crisis savior that the whole world needs. The closest example of this is Russia’s military action against Ukraine, which draws reactions from the world, and people prefer to make their donations in this fast and reliable way. International banking transactions are no longer preferred in terms of both complexity and length of transaction time, leaving their place to the urgent intervention of cryptocurrencies.

To give an example, everyone finds peace in their home and organizes their home in such a way that it can meet their needs in many ways. However, only important needs are prepared for a possible disaster, and that tiny bag saves lives in a possible earthquake. Bitcoin wallets can also be imagined with the earthquake bag in this example and can be a life saver in crisis situations. In the event of an earthquake, it may be difficult to reach banks and ATMs, but a Bitcoin wallet will be waiting for you in the application just a click away.

International Understanding of Money

Bitcoin, which stands out especially in international money transfer with its transaction speed and fee, will be more functional the more it is adopted. Global adoption is increasing, but this is not enough for humanity yet. If Bitcoin is accepted by all governments and organizations globally, an international understanding of money will prevail.

Thus, with this digital currency, which will be valid in many institutions and states, the borders of people will be removed, with this currency that has a value in itself, they will have purchasing power all over the world, and the freedom of humanity to spend money will spread to wider masses. If all this happens, it can accelerate the speed of Bitcoin, whose transaction speed is already faster than other traditional ways, and it can absolutely direct the increase in its popularity to the developments in its network. In addition to all this, if the dream of a world-wide accepted Bitcoin comes true, the adoption of cryptocurrencies may increase and transaction fees may be lifted. In fact, this may slowly bring the end of traditional markets.