The Wonder Years Team reflects on how to move forward without Fred Savage


When Disney fired Fred Savage from the “Wonderful Years” reboot over allegations of inappropriate behavior and abuse, it was a blow given his experience in bringing back the show he once starred in. However, it seems that those who are working on the show are ready to move forward without him. no matter how hard it is.

It is important that those in show business who abuse their position of power are exposed. At the same time, when these same people play an instrumental part in a popular show, their loss is a blow. Now the showrunner of “Wonderful Years” Saladin K. Patterson has told about what happened to Savage.

Although he did not elaborate on Savage or the allegations against him, Patterson told The Hollywood Reporter that Savage’s firing took him by surprise. However, he stressed that a high-quality series is run by several people, not one, so they can move on to creating an ABC show without Savage. “It was very difficult,— Patterson said. “But this is where we just have to focus on moving forward. As heartbreaking as it is, we are focused on the fact that the show is bigger than any person, including me, including the cast, and focused on continuing to radiate into the world the love and positivity from the show we were in. I’ve been studying since day one.”

One conclusion is that Disney clearly still believes in the show despite Savage’s departure, as they recently relaunched it shortly after Savage was fired. Because of the nostalgia factor and the minds behind the “Wonderful Years,” Disney clearly believes that this show will resonate with viewers for at least another year. Given that the series is about middle-class black families in 1968, at a time of rampant racism, they have a lot of material to study. Not having Savage around can hurt the value of the production, knowing that he was once in the shoes of an actor, but as Patterson said, he’s just a human being.

However, no matter what Savage might or might not have done, his loss could definitely hurt. In fact, he was an icon of the original “Wonderful Years”, so perhaps he made a very significant contribution to recreating the atmosphere of the original show. Despite the fact that the young actors say they learned little from his performance in the original series, perhaps he influenced them to become better actors. The only way to know for sure is when we’ll see them again in the second season.

In general, if someone creates a toxic work environment, it cannot be ignored. It’s always right to get rid of someone who behaves inappropriately on the set, especially if that person has done something similar before in previous projects in which he participated. morale, which in turn can make the show better in every way. Also, it’s not like there aren’t other actors from the first “Wonderful Years” around to help them if they really want to capture the spirit of the original show. If they’re really struggling, who’s to say they can’t ask Danica McKellar or Daniel Stern for help?

Currently, “The Wonderful Years” can be streamed on the ABC website.