The Woman’s Neighbor at the Window: Netflix Announces Series with Kristen Bell


Netflix announced this Wednesday (8) the satirical series The Woman in the House, translated in Brazil into A Vizinha da Mulher na Janela. The Woman in the Window’s Neighbor is the television industry’s response to the feature film The Woman in the Window, directed by Joe Wright (The Fate of a Nation, Pride and Prejudice) and starring Amy Adams, which proved to be a major failure of criticism in 2021. Now, Netflix’s bet follows the film’s plot to the letter, investing in the same narrative center and in an atmosphere based on the thriller proposal, however, with strong ironic tones.

“For Anna, every day is the same. Looking out the window, heartbroken and a glass of wine, she sees life go by without her, until a handsome neighbor moves into the front house and things seem to start to look up. However, everything changes when she witnesses a terrible murder… Or was it just imagination?” reveals the synopsis of the series.

Check out the trailer released by the streaming platform below.

The Woman in the House, created by Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson and Larry Dorf and starring Kristen Bell (Frozen, The Disaster Artist) and Tom Riley (Back to the Hill House), premieres on January 28, 2022.