The woman who wanted 12 Bitcoin to kill her ex husband


An American woman is accused of hiring a hitman by paying Bitcoin to kill her ex-husband. In the case filed by the US justice department on September 24, it is alleged that the woman found the murderer on DarkWeb.

Kristy Lynn Felkins, 36, was detained in a raid for attempting to hire a hitman through the DarkWeb by the decision of the US California District Court on September 25. According to the court’s allegations, Felkins paid 12 Bitcoins worth $ 5,000 in 2016 to the man who was said to be a hitman. The current value for 12 BTC is about 200 thousand dollars.

Hunted on the way

In the spring of 2016, Kristy Lynn Felkins clicked on an advertisement for a hitman on the DarkWeb. Felkins and the assassin agreed to kill Felkins’ ex-husband, who was also the father of their children, in exchange for BTC. According to correspondence seized by federal agents, Felkins wanted the incident to look like an accident and that her ex-husband be killed after work. Felkins asked the man who agreed to kill her husband in exchange for BTC if this could look like a failed robbery.

But Felkins forgot that he should not trust anyone on the DarkWeb site while making his dark plans. The woman could not imagine that the “so-called” hired killer, to whom she sent 12 BTC worth about $ 5,000 via LocalBitcoins at the time, might have been a fraudster. After the man agreed to pay, he gave Felkins the excuse that he could not find her husband at work. He even sent several pictures as evidence that the “alleged” hitman had been sent to the given address to keep Felkins on for a while. But the murder never happened. But why did he want to kill her ex-husband?

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“I’m tired of my ex-husband!”

Kristy Lynn Felkins, who defended herself against charges, said her ex-husband treated her very badly. Felkins said she was subjected to mental, physical, sexual and emotional abuse from her ex-husband and therefore avoided her. Claiming that she could not see her children because of her ex-husband, Felkins claimed that the man also inflicted violence on them.

“He’s a snake and a highly skilled manipulator,” said the 36-year-old woman about her ex-husband. Expressing that she could no longer stand these, the woman admitted that she found a hitman by contacting DarkWeb through Tor. If Felkins is convicted by the court at his trial, he could face up to 10 years in prison.


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