The woman who took the dog of the person she quarreled and applied violence became viral on social media


Canadian police, Halifax, announced that an investigation was launched against a woman who used the dog as a ‘gun’ during a traffic debate in Dartmouth and used violence against the dog. The video, which contains images of violence, became the agenda of social media.

The increasing number of violence against animals raises new laws on animal rights. Non-governmental organizations in different parts of the world say that violence against animals is an unacceptable behavior and criminal sanctions should be applied to those who engage in such behavior.

Despite all this, we continue to see violence against animals in different parts of the world. We saw the last example of this in a traffic fight in Canada recently. In footage recorded in Dartmouth, Halifax, we see a female driver buying her pet from her owner. Then the woman pulls the dog from the collar and uses it as a ‘weapon’.

Canadian police launched an investigation into violence against the dog:

Speaking about the issue, which also has a wide impact on social media, Halifax police say that after the two women in one vehicle met two women in the second vehicle, the debate started and one of the vehicles blocked the other. The police also underline that the severity of the actions against the dog during the event is unknown.

The video, shot by another driver in traffic, includes a woman pulling a dog out of the owner’s vehicle with a leash. When the woman thought to be the owner of the dog comes out of the vehicle, the attacker removes the dog from the leash and hits the other woman.

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The debate between two women of unknown reason was quickly watched by thousands of people on social media. After the video became viral on social media, the police announced that they were investigating the incident and that the investigation is now at an early stage.

Let us mention that you can watch this discussion between the two women in the video below. Before we conclude our article, let us remind you that this video contains violent elements and can be annoying for some people. For this reason, we recommend that you do not watch the video if you are under 18 years old.

Video of the incident where the Canadian police launched an investigation:


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