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The solution to the question of The Woman in the Window, directed by Joe Wright and whose pandemic has not been released, can be found. According to information, Netflix is ​​close to an agreement with 20th Century Studios to publish the production that Amy Adams stars on its own platform.

The fate of The Woman in the Window becomes evident

A.J. Adapted from Finn’s best-selling thriller, The Woman in the Window’s vision date was originally set as October 2019. However, an agreement was reached between Disney and Fox, and disliked the trial shots later, Disney postponed the film to May 2020. The output of the production, which was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic that finally broke out, was suspended indefinitely in March.

Taking advantage of this misfortune, Netflix has come to an end in negotiations with the 20th Century to broadcast the film on its own platform. The two companies are expected to make a deal in a short time because Netflix has already listed the movie on its site. Turkey listings that appear on the page to be able to reach through the VPN. Just like The Irisman, it is not clear how much Netflix will pay for the movie, trying to attract the audience to its platform by agreeing with the studio.

The movie, directed by Joe Wright and starring Amy Adams, is about the interesting events that happen when Anna Fox, who lives alone in New York, spies on her newly moved neighbors. In the film, Adams are also accompanied by names such as Gary Oldman Anthony Mackie, Brian Tyree Henry and Wyatt Russell.

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