The Woman Created an “Exit Poll” to Find Out Why Guys Keep Following Her


A single woman has gone viral on TikTok after creating an exit poll to find out why her exes and dates continue to haunt her.

In the one-minute clip, TikToker broke up her questionnaire and offered PDF versions for others to download if they decided to use the survey for themselves.

“So recently I was molested by a guy I didn’t even like, which was obviously devastating, and I emailed him this ghost exit questionnaire to fill it out,” Stephanie D’Agostini (stefdag) said.

The first question read: “Please give an example of one or two sentences about why you did it.”

“I just thought it would be nice to give some examples from my head, as if you were scared of my beauty, you hate yourself, you’re broken, I’m too good for you,” she explained.

In the second survey, the survey participants were asked to circle Stephanie, “more cute, hot, sexy or beautiful,” to which she clarified: “It’s just a rule, you have to circle all four.”

“Please explain why you didn’t write the last question in a smart language. This is really misogyny,” read the next one.


lmk if you want the pdf #ghosting #situationships #datingapps

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As for the last question, the survey participant was asked to “provide the names, email addresses and phone numbers of at least two of your exes and your biological mother” so that Stephanie “could start a group chat.”

The survey also had a bonus question in which she asked the respondent to choose a form of compensation for the time spent in a relationship.

“So you can choose something simple, like send me your passwords for various streaming services and your social security number,” she said. Another option is to buy her mom an “apartment in Florida.”

“Last but not least, make me your muse and dedicate your life to bringing me back,” Stephanie said.

She described the latter option as “anything, like using my voicemail in a rap song, cutting off your ear and sending it to me, publicly calling me ‘the one that got away’.”

So far, the content creator has not yet received a response from her ex.

TikTok users in the comments praised Stephanie for creating and sending the “exit survey”, and many shared their own experience of phantom behavior.


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