The Wolf Among Us 2 Is Still Alive And Will Receive News In 2022


The Wolf Among Us 2: One of the big surprises of The Game Awards 2021 was the unveiling of a new adventure game from Telltale, this time based on the universe of The Expanse series. While many fans cheered, others were quite concerned about what this would mean for the sequel to The Wolf Among Us, which was announced in 2019 and has been uneventful so far. So the dev went to Twitter to reassure their players that they’re crazy about The Wolf Among Us 2:

The tweet brings more or less a farewell letter from 2021, highlighting the news announced throughout the year and plans for the next ones. In the letter, the developer finally talks about TWAU 2 again, promising news for the game at the beginning of next year:

“(…) we’ll have a little more to share about our games and studio in the next issue of Game Informer (342). So keep an eye out for early next year when we can dig deeper into things with TWAU 2.”

It is also interesting to note that at the beginning of the text Telltale comments that it unveiled the game in 2019, stating that it would go into “pre-production” in December 2019 – highlighting the word “pre” a lot.

This indicates that the game was announced very early in development, so we shouldn’t have a release date anytime soon. One would imagine that the game might not be released in 2022.