The Witcher: This is how the Yennefer actress felt when she learned of the loss of her power


The Witcher star Anya Chalotra finally revealed what she thinks of her character on the streaming platform, Netflix. As we well know, the character of Yennefer has evolved considerably throughout these first two seasons.

Yennefer was forced to use fire magic to contain the Nilfgaardian army at the Battle of Sodden. It is an extremely dangerous decision, as fire exists primarily to consume. Those who attempt to use it as a source of power pay a heavy price, and in the second season of The Witcher, Yennefer discovers that she has lost her ability to conjure Chaos as a result of her necessary but destructive choice.

However, for those who watched the show, as well as actress Anya Chalotra, they say that this turn was not completely negative. For it not only added even more dimension, vulnerability and complexity to her character, but it also allowed Chalotra to return to some of her theatrical roots.

Even when asked what it was like to perform more practical stunts and wield real physical weapons in The Witcher season two, Anya Chalotra revealed, “Oh I love it. If I could have a full season of fighting … I love the physicality. “.

In this installment we see Yennefer fighting more physically, against guards, mercenaries, a Zeugl and a Nilfgaardian soldier on horseback. Despite these new physical choreographies, this was not the only thing that captivated the actress, as she commented: “The choreography of the fight and the label and the teamwork is what I recognized.”

She continued her account with the following words: “Immersing myself in wrestling work and that choreography and that team effort means a lot to me on a film set, because some things don’t necessarily feel as collaborative as when you’re on the set. theater”. “Also, God, I love hitting things and having a place to live.”

Also, Anya Chalotra confessed that she is excited for the recordings of the third season of The Witcher, since it will be another great opportunity to bring the action to the screens. Undoubtedly, this delivery promises a lot in its future.