The Witcher: This has been the showrunner’s biggest regret in the series


Freya Allan stars in the series as the Crown Princess of Cintra who flees her home when the kingdom of Nilfgaard invades and begins slaughtering those who cross her path. Little by little, we have seen how this character became more important as time went by, that is why Lauren S. Hissirch, the showrunner of The Witcher confessed how she felt sorry for minimizing her in the first season.

After a long search, Ciri finally met Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), the titular monster hunter with whom her destiny is linked and begins to learn about the latent powers she possesses until in the second season she reached her majority. .

The second season got back on track right after the events of the first season, in which Geralt and Ciri are united after the Battle of Sodden Hill, where he had apparently lost Yennefer (Anya Chalotra). The first season of The Witcher debuted to modest criticism and praise from the public, although there is one element that the mind behind it all wishes to be different.

In one of the recent interviews, The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissirch revealed her regret for the minimal story of the first season of Ciri, in her statements stressed that she was disappointed not to offer a better arc to the character, so who felt that the audience did not pay “enough attention to Ciri’s story.”

Thanks to this thought, Hissirch did his best to improve this flaw in the second season, thus emphasizing: “I have to say that in the first season, I don’t think we paid enough attention to Ciri’s story. She is one of my greats. Regrets to see that season. And that’s why we worked very hard this season to make sure we felt like we were on the road a lot more with Ciri. ”

She also went on to explain that as Ciri’s character has evolved, her role in The Witcher has become much more important as it progresses. “Any book lover will tell you that she is beginning to become the center of this narrative. And we also wanted to make sure we were preparing that. ”

Thanks to the correct relationship that the production of The Witcher has had with the books, this Netflix drama managed to become one of the most played in the year of its premiere, behind Stranger Things and The Mandalorian.