The Witcher: They share the first detail of season 4 of the Netflix series


The Witcher has been absent from fans’ screens since the 8-episode first season premiered in December 2019. It took two years for fans to return to see more stories centered around the witcher Gerealt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), and This happened at Christmas last year when the second installment debuted on the Netflix streaming platform. The fantasy drama has been renewed for another season which is currently filming, but there is new news regarding what will come next.

Due to the enormous success that The Witcher has had on Netflix, the series continues with season 3 whose production began in January of this year, and the evidence was revealed in early April, when the behind-the-scenes team shared the first photo Geralt of Rivia with Princess Ciri of Cintra (Freya Allan) and Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra) on the film set of the next installment.

Fans also got the first official sneak peek with the official synopsis for Season 3, which will see Geralt and Ciri navigating another series of adventures that will be just as engrossing as the previous installments. In the meantime, the franchise is working on the development of other spin-off projects, which is certainly a good sign that The Witcher will continue in the future.

Although The Witcher was renewed for the season 3 months before the second installment premiered on Netflix on December 17, 2021, it is also a sign that the production team is still working on the future of the franchise. So far, the streamer hasn’t made an official announcement about what’s going to happen beyond the third installment, but the good news was just confirmed by series director Stephen Surjik when he recently spoke about the status of production. .

It turns out that while the crew and cast are on the set of the next installment of The Witcher, the writers are keeping planning for season 4. Actually, this is the best news fans of Gerelt’s drama are getting from Rivia, which means the show shows no signs of slowing down.

“The writers and producers have mapped out season 4. Oh yeah. I don’t know if I’m part of that plan show, but at least they told me they’re planning it.”

Let’s remember that The Witcher is one of the original series of great magnitude that Netflix is ​​currently developing, and due to the high level of receptivity it has had from the audience, fans should be calm as it is a safe bet. At least, that’s what the writers and producers of the hit fantasy drama have in mind.

The Witcher is an adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher saga, which begins with several short stories and continues through six novels. The second season has concluded the short stories and has adapted the story of the first novel, Blood of Elves, as well as the beginning of the second novel, Time of Contempt. At this rate, the series could easily continue for a total of seven seasons without altering its pace too much, adapting all of the books in the process.