The Witcher: Showrunner’s Showrunner Revealed Important Season 3 News


It was a few days ago, exactly on December 17 of this year 2021 that the second season of The Witcher was released through the Netflix platforms. However, as we well know, the subscribers of this channel are used to devouring series with long marathons, which is why many fans of this story full of fantasies have already completed it.

One of the disadvantages of this practice is that rapid consumption also leads to a rapid lack of new episodes. As we well know, the second season of The Witcher had many problems to premiere, of course, like most of the series because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now that everything has been slowly returning to normal, we may see a new title again in about a year. Of course, this is what the followers of The Witcher expect, who took more than two years to see these new chapters just released.

To the concern of the fans, it was the same showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who revealed that the scripts for all the episodes of the third season are ready. This gives us to understand that the next thing we will see has already been written, which indicates that the process is halfway to the start of production.

But, not everything is rosy, as Hissrich confirmed that they are only “in the process” of making season 3. “We are almost done with the writing stage and it is incredible. I’m really excited about the way the season unfolds because it’s based on my favorite book in the series, which is Time of Scorn. ”

With the scripts in place, now is the time for Lauren Schmidt Hissrich to assemble the creative team behind The Witcher behind the scenes as the actors begin filming this much-anticipated third installment.

Hissrich also clarified that the first and second seasons were made to clarify everything that is about to happen in the third installment, as she explained: “The creative process is just beginning. We have the scripts, and now we’re going to bring the directors back, the actors, and we’re really starting to dig in, reflect, and make sure it’s the perfect season. “