The Witcher Season 3: The character who could not return to the Netflix drama


The Witcher, streaming platform Netflix’s hit fantasy series that follows monster-hunting wizard Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), returned with season 2 episodes to viewers’ screens in mid-December last year, and Production of the third installment has already begun while it continues to incorporate new members into its cast.

Recently, through the official accounts of the Netflix series on social networks, the first photo of Henry Cavil was shared with Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan transformed into their characters of Geralt de Rivia, Yennefer de Vengerberg and Princess Cirilla, while They were on the set of The Witcher season 3 filming.

Likewise, this week the addition to the cast of season 3 of The Witcher, of four new members who arrive to play their respective characters, was also announced. And as the cast of upcoming episodes of the fantasy series expands, there’s one actress who isn’t sure if she’ll return as her character alongside Cavill, Allan and Chalotra for the new installment of the series.

It turns out that Adjoa Andoh, who gave life to the priestess Nenneke, one of the most important characters in The Witcher, it seems that he will not be present in season 3 of the famous Netflix supernatural and fantasy drama, in the event that the television adaptation created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich faithfully follow the third book in the saga of writings Andrzej Sapkowski.

“Yeah, I don’t know. We’ll see,” [Andoh said about whether or not he’s coming back for season 3]. The books are so big. And they’ve gone a lot of different ways in the stories. Nenneke is in the books a lot. But it depends. what they want to do with, you know, this version. It’s totally about what the creators of the show want to do with the material from the books and how they want to change that, so we’ll wait and see.”

Let’s remember that season 3 of The Witcher mainly adapts ‘Time of Contempt’, a book in which Nenneke does not have a prominent role, so perhaps her absence in the next episodes of the Netflix series should not take fans by surprise. fans who have read the play, as the drama is not always adapting the books faithfully.

With the filming of the third season of The Witcher in full swing, fans can surely expect the premiere by the end of 2022. Let us remember that the series presented a two-year delay to return to the screen again, mainly due to the blockage generated by the global health crisis.