The Witcher Season 3: Fans assure who Ciri will choose between Geralt or Emhyr


In the final moments of The Witcher’s second season, Ciri’s (Freya Allan) real father, Emhyr (Bart Edwards), was revealed to be alive. In fact, he was shown to be desperate to meet her again after Geralt (Henry Cavill) accepted her as his own. Now, the third installment seems to show the decision that Ciri will make to choose who to stay with, in fact, fans hint that there is a clue.

Fans claim that in episode 8 of season 2 of The Witcher, when Ciri was possessed by Voleth Meir (Ania Marson). She is trapped in a vision of her parents, even though she was a fake version of her father, her idea was to force her to stay. As she hears Geralt’s voice in her vision, telling her “We belong together”, which will set up a difficult decision for the princess of Cintra, now that her father is alive.

However, Geralt’s voice assuring her that they should be together is what diverts Ciri’s attention from her fatherly appearance. Making then the decision to return with him instead of staying with her parents. According to fans, the decision that she chose in this episode will also be reflected in season 3 when she will have to choose between Geralt or Emhyr.

In fact, in Ciri’s vision, she tells her biological parents “I have to go home”, choosing to return to Geralt’s side. Ciri’s statement confirms that Geralt is her chosen family, and she sees it as her home and her place where she belongs. Although these are theories of some of the fans, many claim that episode 8 of season 2 confirms her choice when she meets Emhyr.

Curiously, season 3 of The Witcher assures us that Ciri’s father, Emhyr, will do everything possible to find her daughter, especially now that he has found out that she has elven blood. However, Geralt will stop at nothing to defend her from anyone who tries to harm her.

But based on comments from The Witcher season 3 showrunner Lauren S Hissrich, it will show a bit of why Emhyr loves her daughter so much and her true intentions about her. But in turn, she will show why Ciri and Geralt are opposed to meeting him. It only remains to wait for the premiere of the Netflix program at the end of 2022.