The Witcher Season 2: Who is the sorceress that appeared in the new installment


The Witcher, the fantasy drama from the streaming platform Netflix, after two years of absence from fan screens finally appeared with season 2, telling a new story for monster hunter Geral of Rivia (Henry Cavill) and Princess Cilla of Cintra (Freya Allan). (Important season 2 spoiler)

Fans of The Witcher saw Geralt taking Ciri to the witch school in Kaer Morhen, a place surrounded by a mountainous fortress where the princess would receive classes to venture into the world of magic, which would allow her to protect herself. The spectators, in this new adventure, also had the opportunity to meet new characters.

But, in the Netflix series there was an appearance of an important character that attracted a lot of attention from The Witcher fans since it generated some doubts, and therefore they were left wondering who the owl of the second season of the series really is, that It was used as a means of communication for Redania’s advisor, Dijkstra, played by Graham McTavish.

It is highly likely that some Witcher fans have thought that the Owl might have been haunted or that that was simply his purpose in the Geralt of Rivia series universe. It was not until the end of season 2, when the true identity of this character represented in an owl was revealed.

The television adaptation The Witcher proved that the owl was actually Philippa (Cassie Clare). Something that could be new for those who have not read Andrzej Sapkowski’s literary saga, which inspired Lauren Schmidt Hissrich to develop the series starring Henry Cavill.

In The Witcher books and games, Philippa is a well-known sorceress who has been an advisor to King Vizimir for over 300 years and possesses the power to transform into animals. She remains in office even after her death, in which the kingdom of Redania suggests that the character was responsible for it.

According to the saga, Philippa also led a rebellion against the Brotherhood of Magi. As stated in the Netflix series, she and Dijkstra are lovers. However, in literary works and in games she really is an antagonist, but she occasionally helps Geralt. This character will surely have a greater participation in the third season of the Netflix series, focusing on the growth of Redania that could control Cintra.