The Witcher Season 2: The showrunner of the series spoke of the character of Yennefer


Throughout history, we have seen how the female characters have developed in The Witcher, and one of the most prominent has undoubtedly been Yennefer, played by actress Anya Chalotra. Yennefer went from being a deformed outcast to a powerful and beautiful wizard.

However, in addition to fighting against her beauty, this important character fought against hers own demons and desires to become a mother. Because of this, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich gave some wise advice to this character as well as her complex journey into the future.

Her hump and her deformities made her a social apart, not even hers, her own father, wanted to have her close to her. However, in Aretuza, Yennefer found a new purpose and sought power over the people who ridiculed her. But Yennefer’s journey led to her losing a vital part of herself.

This process of becoming beautiful sadly left her infertile. Fans saw in season one how Yennefer was looking for any magical and non-magical way to have a child. She was undoubtedly ready for anything despite suffering the consequences of dying.

She herself confessed to Geralt that she always dreamed of being important to someone. Unfortunately, Yennefer’s story changes. Not only does she remain infertile, but she loses her magic after the Battle of Sodden Hill.

Faced with this uncertainty, Yennefer was faced with a new dilemma, and since then she had to fend for herself without the help of magic. Since these events, the showrunner of The Witcher, in an interview explained that this character is still finding out what she really wants for herself.

For example, in the first season, her reasoning was one-way. Yennefer was willing to give up everything for a son. “My advice to her would be to find your priorities without giving up. I have always described my personal fulfillment as a puzzle. I need a lot of different things ”. In short, the showrunner was encouraged to draw on her own experiences and explained that she needs to be a mother, a writer, see her friends and she needs time alone.