The Witcher: New Game Isn’t The Witcher 4, Says CD Projekt


The Witcher: To the delight of its fans, CD Projekt Red confirmed yesterday, March 21, that The Witcher series will return in a new game. Of course, speculation ran wild in the comments, so a company spokesperson decided to clear a few things up on Twitter – most notably that the new game isn’t The Witcher 4.

The above tweet is from Radek Grabowski, director of publicity for CDPR. He explains – “what we did NOT announce today: a game called The Witcher 4. A store exclusive game.”

In fact, the new The Witcher was announced almost without any details, but CDPR tried to make it clear right away that this would not be a The Witcher 4. After all, the announcement was accompanied by the phrase “a NEW saga begins”.

Another thing that left some players in an uproar was the fact that CDPR would be abandoning REDengine in this new game to use Unreal 5. This made many fans rush into believing that the new game would have some partnership with the Epic Games Store and would be exclusive right there at launch or something.

First of all, the game is far from being released. It is also important to note that hundreds of games use the Unreal Engine and few of them end up exclusive to EGS. But even so, CDPR saw fit to reassure players and highlighted that the new The Witcher will not be exclusive to any store.

Finally, Grabowski’s tweet highlights that the dev still has nothing more to share about the game in terms of story, mechanics or characters.