The Witcher: Netflix unveils new photos from season 2!


Neflix France’s Instagram account has just unveiled several unseen photos from the long-awaited season 2 of The Witcher series!

Good news for The Witcher fans! Indeed Netflix France has just unveiled several unpublished photos of season 2 …

A year ago, The Witcher series saw the light of day on Netflix! Thus, the video platform wanted to mark the occasion! Indeed, on their Instagram account, they have posted no less than 3 unpublished photos of season 2!

A post captioned: “Today is the anniversary of the series release. For the occasion, we brought a gift: exclusive photos from season 2. ”

Thus, The Witcher fans have liked this post en masse! Indeed, the post in question has accumulated no less than 70,000 “likes”! A real record and above all proof that Internet users are eager to discover the second part!


Swords, medallions, a flag planted in a forest… The unpublished images of season 2 of The Witcher are enough to leave you perplexed! Thus, many Internet users have tried to decipher them… In vain!

“Oh my God, too excited to watch season 2”, “Ah … finally some news from season 2!” I was starting to believe that Netflix had forgotten my favorite series! “” Can’t wait for season 2 to see the light of day! ”

Or: “We don’t understand everything with the pictures from the next season of The Witcher … But hey, I’m still looking forward to it! “” We just have to give us the release date now … “We can read on the Instagram account of Netflix France!

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So it’s your turn to admire the 3 never-before-seen images of season 2 of the series starring actor Henry Cavill! Warning the eyes…


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