The Witcher: Netflix has revealed pictures of Dandelion!


On their Instagram account, Netflix has just unveiled exclusive photos of Dandelion, the famous bard from The Witcher series

Are you looking forward to The Witcher season 2? Know that you will have to be patient for a while yet. But to make its fans wait, Netflix had the good idea to unveil some photos of characters including Jaskier.

The famous bard is not the only one to have been treated to a series of photos. Indeed, before him, many photos of the shooting were unveiled to please fans of Gerald, the breaker of cursed beasts.

One way to see that Henry Cavill always seems to show off in great shape. It remains to be seen whether he will once again give us some scorching scenes. Like the one where he took his bath and showed us his pectoral protrusions.

In short, those who follow The Witcher since the first episode also follow this series because a handsome kid takes the lead role of the project. Indeed, it is always pleasant to see a beautiful person, in several scenes, rather than an actor, or actress, having nothing for him or for her.

But do you also like Dandelion? Because it is indeed him who has just been entitled to his “photo shoot” for The Witcher.


This character doesn’t just make music. Indeed, he too plays a key role in Gerald’s quest to eradicate the world of cursed beasts. By recounting the latter’s adventures by singing or writing it.

So we can qualify the bard of The Witcher as a reporter of today. Except social media didn’t exist, just like PCs. Therefore, he had to find a solution to best tell the stories of his favorite witcher.

This makes him a key figure and a right to get his photo series. A series that you can also find further down in this article. The Instagram account, featuring someone other than Géralt. The account, accompanying his post with the following caption:

“A year ago, we finished The Witcher two days after its release. To celebrate, exclusive photos of the real bg of the series, Jaskier. “


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