The Witcher: Netflix Anime Plot Has More Details Revealed


The Witcher: Since it was announced, The Witcher’s anime-style film, also known as Nightmare of the Wolf, hasn’t had many details about its plot released. Recently, however, Lauren Hissrich, the project’s co-executive producer, and Beau DeMayo, one of the screenwriters, revealed some information about the feature film.

The production will be presented through the Vesemir character’s past. At first, he was just a very determined young wizard who enjoyed the activity he cultivated. However, when occult forces threatened the continent, he was forced to abandon his origins.

On a panel at the Annecy Film Festival, Studio Focus guests, responsible for animation, spoke about some important topics of the film. According to Lauren Hissrich, the production should explore some curious details for all fans.

In this respect, Geralt de Rivia’s plot intertwines with Vesemir’s in a unique way, showing how both personalities have been shaped over time.

“Families are multigenerational. And when we meet Geralt in The Witcher, he’s already a full-fledged adult, he’s a hundred years old, and he’s been living alone for a long time,” she said.

“But you can’t help but wonder how he learned all the things he practices and also how he’s going to pass it on,” she said, adding the importance of Vasemir’s father figure.

More information about The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf anime

According to comments by Beau DeMayo, audiences following the Netflix series will be treated to many familiar moments. “We’re going to provide a totally unique experience [for fans] and I hope all of this makes them feel they’ve been heard,” he revealed.

So far, the streaming giant has said little about this new project, although it made an official announcement for the feature during late 2020.

Currently, the 2nd season of the series is being produced, even with all the setbacks faced by the developers. Vasemir will even make his live-action debut, being played by actor Kim Bodia.

Let’s wait for more news!


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