The Witcher Multiplayer Game “Project Sirius” Gets a “New Framework”


CD Projekt Red has announced that its upcoming collaborative game in the Witcher universe, codenamed Project Sirius, has cost an additional 1.7 million pounds as the company formulates a “new structure” for the game.

In a regulatory report published yesterday (March 20), CD Projekt Red announced that it would make a provision for the impairment of its finances due to “expenses incurred in the development related to the Sirius project.”

CD Projekt Red reported that in January and February of this year, the company incurred expenses in the amount of 9.5 million zlotys (1.7 million pounds) when assessing “the scale and commercial potential of the original Sirius project concept, as well as the ongoing work on the formulation of a new concept. for this project.”

Project Sirius is the codename of The Witcher game that The Molasses Flood, the studio behind The Flame In The Flood and Drake Hollow, is working on.

When Sirius was originally announced in October 2022, CD Projekt Red stated that it would offer a “quest and story campaign” as well as single-player and multiplayer features.

However, the company’s latest report says that the basic concepts of Sirius are being revised, and the game may differ from the one that was originally announced.

In an interview with VGC, a CD Projekt representative said that “the company is currently focused on ensuring that Project Sirius complies with the CD Projekt Group strategy,” but did not comment on the specifics of the project.

Project Sirius is one of several games in the Witcher series under development. The first Witcher game gets a “full-fledged” remake on Unreal Engine 5, which Fool’s Theory is working on.

Meanwhile, CD Projekt Red is working on a brand new trilogy about the Witcher, while another external studio is making a “full-fledged game about the Witcher”, which will be separate from the upcoming trilogy.

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