The Witcher Monster Slayer, mobile game


Players will be able to enjoy The Witcher: Monster Slayer by slaying monsters to become elite monster hunters

Spokko, a member of the CD Projekt family, has announced The Witcher: Monster Slayer, a free location-based augmented reality role-playing game for iOS and Android mobile devices set in the universe of The Witcher.

The title takes place before the events of The Witcher series and features monsters that “freely roam the earth in large numbers.”

In it, the player will be able to kill monsters to become an elite monster hunter, using augmented reality features that transform the real world into the “dark fantasy kingdom of The Witcher”.

Featuring console-quality visuals, the Monster Slayer video game allows players to explore the world around them as they track, study, and battle new and familiar monsters, using the time of day and real-life weather conditions to their advantage. .

Preparation is key to defeating tougher foes as players will need to brew powerful potions and oils, craft monster bombs and baits, and upgrade their character before putting these beasts to the sword and signs in AR combat in prime time. person.

In addition to battling monsters lurking nearby, the game also contains rich story-based missions inspired by other games in the series, which take players on full-blown adventures that push them to the heart of what it means to be a professional monster. .

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