The Witcher: How Geralt of Rivia Became a Warlock Finally Revealed


Two years ago, The Witcher began to debut as one of the most viewed Netflix series on the streaming platform. The second season, returned back this December, remember that the recordings were paralyzed according to the covid-19 pandemic, that is why the followers had to wait so long to see the interpreter of Geralt de Rivia (Henry Cavill) in action.

Henry Cavill again stepped into the hero’s skin in the drama, which has been written by Lauren S. Hissrich. The Witcher immerses the public in the mythical world of the continent along with the mythical creatures that inhabit it, along with these creatures, also inhabit beasts, Striga and Sylvan, there are also Witchers.

The Witcher continues Geralt’s journey, which has been investigating his story in depth. As Geralt slips in and out of consciousness, viewers have been revealed memories of his past when he was abandoned by his mother as a child.

In one of these flashbacks, we saw Geralt as a child abandoned at the door of an old sorcerer named Vesemir (Theo James), who must train him to become a fearsome warrior like him. Despite Geralt’s fear, he was left with no other choice, eventually becoming a sorcerer.

Later in the episode, Geralt makes a comment about his eyes, suggesting that he underwent a transformation similar to Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra) when she became a Brotherhood mage.

Geralt’s words hinted to fans that warlocks were made rather than born with mutations. Furthermore, Geralt also hints that he is one of the few warlocks left on the continent, suggesting that something bad might have happened to his kind.

To become a sorcerer, he must be trained in swordplay and other skills. They are also said to undergo an alchemical process that triggers mutations in their bodies to give them immense strength.