The witcher: Henry Cavill’s hair and the way they manage to keep it perfect


One of the great things that has characterized Henry Cavill playing Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher has been his white hair, something that attracts many viewers. For that, the same star explained how they manage to keep it that way in all seasons of the Netflix platform program.

It’s true that actor Henry Cavill is no stranger to donning the custom-made outfits he’ll be in for most of his screen time, and a team around him to develop just the right image for his character comes with the territory. . Although one of the costumes that has most characterized the star is his role in The Witcher, especially his silver hair.

Of course, to bring that up on the subject of Henry Cavill’s hair, apologies for breaking the illusion for the unsuspecting, those aren’t genuine gray strands that Cavill has suddenly been blessed with, due to it being a special wig that applies the show makeup artists. But they might be one of the hardest things to apply to nailing his heroic alter ego image in the Netflix series, which is why the way is explained.

During an interview for MTV before the premiere of the second season of The Witcher, actor Henry Cavill revealed some details that the producers of the show usually do to keep the wig that made the main protagonist of the show the legendary hero and the one that everyone admires. Geralt of Rivia.

“Jacqui Rathore, my hairdresser, and the lady who was in charge of the wig last season, they also worked really hard to get the wig in a good place at the end,” Cavill explained,

“And once something works, don’t try to fix it if it’s not broken. If you start messing with it, then it might end up looking terrible again.”

According to The Witcher star, due to his character’s intense battles, he needed to withstand the variety of challenges he would face. Given the harsh elements the costumes were exposed to during filming, along with the action sequences where Henry Cavill was at the center, hairstylist Jacqui Rathore put a lot of time into how these two seasons turned out.

“It’s a very, very complicated process. In season 1, he worked very hard on it: he would take it home at night and work on it for hours. We were working 16 hours a day, so he was working 18-19.” hours a day, and it means a lot that she puts that kind of work into him,” Cavill said.

However, the producers of the Netflix series The Witcher also often work their magic when it comes to the slow-motion scenes, in which her hair moves gently as Geralt of Rivia does some incredible movement to face his enemies. in the rain or in any situation, earning the admiration of fans for the amazing portrayal of Henry Cavill on the show.