The Witcher Henry Cavill almost had vision impaired by contact lenses


In an interview, Henry Cavill revealed that his eyesight was almost impaired by wearing contact lenses in The Witcher. In the series, his character Geralt has yellow eyes:

“I could only wear the lenses three hours at a time, well, I should only wear three hours at a time. The problem is not getting dry eyes, but the eyes are the only part of the body that receives oxygen from the air and not from the blood. So if you leave them covered for a long time, you are not receiving oxygen and after a long time it can harm your eyes. Not worth it”.

Cavill stated that his ophthalmologist warned him to take the lens off after a certain period of time, but he was a little stubborn and thought it was okay to continue filming a bit more. “She said I could start going blind after a while.”

The star revealed that the most dramatic moment was after a few shootings in the Canary Islands, when the dust of the place got behind the contact lenses and began to scratch his eyes. Cavill thought he was just tired, but his doctor found him and advised, “There came a point where she found me hiding in the shadows, because everything was so clear. I said I was fine, but she said the recordings wouldn’t continue until I took the lens off. ”


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