The Witcher: Ciri’s actress criticized Henry Cavill’s behavior on set


The Witcher since its arrival on the streaming platform, Netflix has been giving a lot to talk about due to its stories and characters, and this fantasy and action series has been highly praised, especially its second season, which left a lot of intrigue after its premiere on December 17, 2021.

One of the things that Netflix subscribers have not gone unnoticed, without a doubt, is the excellent performance of the well-known Henry Cavill in his interpretation of Geralt of Rivia, and that is, it has been clear from the first trailer that Cavill was destined for this role. , thanks to his imposing bearing with white hair, yellow contact lenses and Witcher armor.

Fans of The Witcher video games and books have on different occasions paid tribute to the detailed work that has been done, and that is that, in this recent installment, Cavill’s character was worked on to make it more “accurate in the book “.

It’s clear that Cavill was an inspired choice to bring the menacing Blaviken Butcher to life on the small screen, but many of his fans are wondering what this man’s personality could be like off-screen, and by surprise, actress Freya Allan , who plays Ciri, Geralt’s protégée and “surprise girl”, confessed all the details.

Fortunately, according to the words of Freya Allan, Henry Cavill is the complete opposite of Geralt when he is not in front of the camera lens, and this is very good news, since this actor has been one of the most beloved of the recent times for his performance in acting.

It was in an interview, where Freya Allan recalled the first time she did a press campaign for The Witcher at San Diego Comic Con. The actress confessed that she felt “overwhelmed” that first time because of the test, and she stressed that it was Henry Cavill who did his best to help her during that stressful time.

“I remember him being so sweet and supportive and kind on those days”… “It’s moments like that that I really cherish.”

Allan confessed that her partner had also gone through the same thing as Superman in “Man of Steel”, and that her experience made him even more aware of how he felt. Everything seems to indicate that as well as his fans, his co-stars also feel a lot of admiration for this professional.