The Witcher: Blood Origin: Michelle Yeoh Joins Series Cast


The Witcher: Blood Origin, Actress Michelle Yeoh, known for her roles in Star Trek: Discovery and The Tiger and the Dragon, has been confirmed to cast the series The Witcher: Blood Origin. The production is a prequel to the original series, as programs whose stories take place before the main plot events are called. In this case, the derivative takes place 1,200 years before the story of Geralt de Rivia.

Yeoh will play Scian, the last of a nomadic tribe of elves. According to the American magazine Variety, the character is very skilled with swords and has already suffered many losses in his life. To recover a holy sword that was stolen from his tribe, Scian will need to face a deadly adventure that could change the entire Continent.

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Also produced by Netflix, the series tells the story of the Continente 1,200 years of Geralt, when the first wizard in history appeared. According to the synopsis of the plot, the world of monsters, men and elves becomes one, expanding the magical universe portrayed in the series.

Produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, also responsible for The Witcher, and Declan de Barra, one of the writers of the original version, the derivative series will feature six episodes in its debut season. So far, there is no debut forecast. The first season of the original series is available on Netflix and new episodes are expected to hit the catalog soon.

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