The Witcher: Blood Origin Is Reportedly Undergoing Major Changes Related to Jaskier


Despite the fact that filming began almost a year ago, “The Witcher: The Origin of Blood” may face some setbacks. Rumor has it that reshoots and a shorter number of episodes in the series could mean the return of more charm and Buttercup storytelling as part of the original Netflix prequel.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is centered around a huge leap in time that takes the miniseries back 1,200 years, before Geralt of Rivia and Buttercup ever crossed paths, mainly focusing on the events preceding the Connection of the Spheres. Netflix has had great success with The Witcher franchise since the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski and CD Projekt Red games laid the foundation for a fantasy universe that has already spawned the anime “Nightmare of the Wolf” as the origin story of Vesemir.

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According to Redanian Intelligence, “The Witcher: The Origin of Blood” entered the post-production stage in November last year. However, in April, the series had several reshoots with the participation of actor Joey Batey, who plays Buttercup in the main series. Buttercup’s role in Blood Origin is to serve as a narrator who bridges the gap between the events unfolding in the series starring Henry Cavill and the history lesson that Blood Origin should be, although these interludes can be expanded, which hardly bothers the Witcher. fans who think Buttercup deserves a spin-off.

“The Witcher: The Origin of Blood” still has no official release date, as Netflix plans to premiere it only at the end of 2022 and before “The Witcher,” which is currently filming its third season. About 10 months ago, Netflix and showrunner Declan de Barra shared behind-the-scenes footage of the pilot episode “About Battles and Bloody Blades”. However, it remains to be seen if this will leave the new supposed 4-episode story arc intact.

The prequel “The Origin of Blood” starred Lawrence O’fuarein, Sofia Brown and Michelle Yeoh, and the latter is currently enjoying some additional popularity due to her role in the star-studded film “Everything Everywhere and at Once.” Potential schedule delays could be a major factor in season 3 of The Witcher eventually skipping the December release window and instead moving to 2023, which is a more plausible scenario given that the series is almost not being filmed right now.

As Netflix and its shareholders continue to suffer negative growth figures, the platform needs quality content more than ever, especially after its latest adaptation of Resident Evil failed so badly.

“The Witcher: The Origin of Blood” is currently in post-production.


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