The Witcher 4 Won’t Be Developed With Crunch, Promises Director


The Witcher 4: Surprisingly announced yesterday (21), the next game of The Witcher continues to raise a lot of doubts in fans. Because of that, project director Jason Slama made sure to get at least one question out of fans’ heads: the game won’t be developed with employee crunch, he promised.

Slama posted on his Twitter saying how excited he was to reveal that CD Projekt Red is working on the new game in the Geralt of Rivia series. After that, a user on the social network shared the director’s post and said he forgot to mention that devs would be “treated like a dog” and forced to crunch.

“Never under my supervision!” replied Slama, who was raised to the management of The Witcher 4 (unofficial name) after running the game Gwent.

Obviously it is too early to confirm that the new game will not be developed based on crunch, which means an abusive work regime with many overtime and sometimes without even the due payment.

CD Projekt Red’s last major work, Cyberpunk 2077, was heavily criticized for being finished with employees needing to work every day of the week and even on weekends. The developer’s co-CEO, Adam Kicinski, even admitted that it would be necessary to adopt the practice for the final phase of the project.

And even with workers working many hours, the title was still released incomplete and with serious performance problems mainly on consoles, causing the developer to apologize.