The Winx season 2 saga: Tecna soon in the next season?


The Winx season 2 saga is eagerly awaited. Fans can’t wait to see the rest of the series. Tecna could be present.

The Winx Saga is very successful. Fans loved reuniting with the characters from their childhood. And yet, some were missing. But don’t panic, Tecna could be back in season 2.

Netflix has once again done very well with The Winx Saga. And yes, the platform is still trying to please its subscribers. So what’s better than live action from The Winx Club?

So, unsurprisingly, the series was a hit. Fans of the cartoon were therefore able to find their favorite fairies. In a darker setting, Bloom, Stella and Musa have therefore made their comeback.

But that’s not all. Indeed, the three high school girls are then joined by Terra and Aisha. Something to surprise everyone then.

The young girls quickly became friends. They then had to fight against burns. Things therefore accelerated in The Winx Saga. The action fans therefore seemed overwhelmed.

In short, the series has won over many viewers. And yet, some have noticed a disappointing little detail. And for good reason, fairies are missing. Ouch!

Indeed, Flora and Tecna did not appear in The Winx Saga. But do not panic. One of them could then make a comeback.

The Winx season 2 saga: Tecna soon in the next season?


The fantasy series The Winx Saga has therefore given life to some famous fairies. Thus, others were missing. What frustrate a lot of fans then.

Besides, Season 2 is very intriguing. Netflix subscribers are therefore looking for the slightest information. Indeed, lots of scoops are already leaking.

To keep viewers waiting, Terra, for example, replaced Flora. And for good reason, she is actually the cousin of the original character.

Even though Flora was rumored to be returning in Season 2 of The Winx Saga, fans seemed delighted to learn of the relationship.

Besides, she might be called in to help Terra. His brother Sam was then injured by a burnt person at the end of season 1.

In short, season 2 seems to be preparing some big surprises. In fact, Tecna, an original fairy could then appear in the cast of the next season.

The young fairy has short hair and great magical powers. The latter then came from the machines.

His photographic memory and his scientific knowledge then enabled him to invent certain devices to save his friends. His return could therefore be very useful in The Winx Saga.

Although the official cast has not been released, rumors continue to circulate online. Eh yes !

So all fans of The Winx Saga will have to wait for the broadcast. To be continued.


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