The Winx Saga: The Age Differences Between Actors


Fans of “The Winx Saga” (Netflix) wonder exactly how old the actors in the series are. And they may well have surprises!

In The Winx Saga (Netflix), the characters are still in high school. But how old are the actors really?

As with many movies and series, the actors in The Winx Saga on Netflix are older than their roles.

As a reminder, despite the differences between Winx Club and the live-action remake, the fairies are in high school in both cases. This implies that Bloom, Stella, Musa, Sky and Riven are the same age in season 1 of the original animated series and in season 1 of The Winx Saga (Netflix). But viewers wonder how old the cast members are in real life.

In fact, the oldest actress to play a Winx fairy is Eliot Salt aka Terra. The young woman is 27 while her character is 16, which makes an age difference of 11. Wow!

When it comes to male actors, Freddie Thorp aka Riven is the oldest. Thus, he is 26 years old. In other words 10 years older than his character who is 16 years old. Sadie Soverall who plays Beatrix, is the youngest of the series. Indeed, the latter is 19 years old.

Bloom (Abigaël Cowen) is 22 for 16 years in the series. Stella (Hannah Van Der Westhuysen) is 25 for 17 years on screen. Musa (Elisa Applebaum) is 25 for 16 in this remake. Likewise, Aisha (Precious Mustapha) is 23 years old against 17 years old. Sky (Danny Griffin) is 23 in reality and 16 in the show.


It should be noted that The Winx Saga on Netflix is ​​a big hit. This series even dethroned Lupine with Omar Sy. So it seems normal that a season 2 is born!

Fans might then have some surprises. Indeed, they noticed that all the fairies were not present. Not to mention that some do not have the same first names as in the cartoon.

Eliot Salt who plays Terra also thinks the next season should feature some brand new characters.

“Now is the perfect time for them to make new friends,” the actress teased to Express. In the season finale, Bloom, Stella, Terra, Musa and Aisha return to school to find that Rosalind has become the new principal. So the team will have to fight against it and are going to need help.

“I think it will take all the strength of the girls to overcome their new challenges,” said the actress. Fans of The Winx Saga therefore hope that the showrunners will introduce some characters from the cartoon like Flora, Roxy or Techna. To be continued !


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