The Winx Saga (Netflix): Big inconsistencies in the plot!


The Winx Saga has been out on Netflix for some time. But lifelong fans find the inconsistencies to be numerous.

The Winx Saga on Netflix has thrilled viewers. Even if the adaptation is far from the cartoon we know, it does have a certain charm. But despite everything, some faults annoy a little and we can see inconsistencies.

“Winx! if you hold my hand well / We will have all the powers ”. Does that remind you of something ? Normal, it was the credits of Winx in the years 2000. A whole generation was marked by this cartoon which very much appealed to little girls.

The cartoon arrived in France in 2004. 17 years later, Netflix is ​​therefore releasing a series which will play on nostalgia. It must be said that all children of the 2000s will want to discover this adaptation. But this one has a lot less magic.

With its 6 hour-long episodes, the Winx try to take subscribers into their world. But it hardly works. It must be said that if the cartoon is very colorful and glittery, it is not the world of the Netflix series, on the contrary.

We find ourselves in a rather dark and scary world. You would almost find the atmosphere in Harry Potter more than that of Alfea’s world. A certain disappointment for the fans of always. Especially since on top of that there are some inconsistencies in the scenario.


But in addition to this rather peculiar world, the Winx of Netflix know a certain inconsistency depending on the moment. For example, in episode 3, Bloom detects the presence of a major burnt person. Worried about being caught by this monster, she writes a message to her fairy friends.

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And as if by magic, the fairies quickly track down Bloom and are by his side. But the series doesn’t show at all how the friends managed to find her so easily. Moreover, the young woman had gone beyond the barrier.

But at lightning speed, the fairies find Sky and Bloom. So it’s unclear if this inconsistency was to make it clear that Musa had used his empathy to hunt down Sky and Bloom or if this is just an oversight on the part of the writers.

In any case, the Netflix series divides subscribers a bit. Those who already know the Winx regret not finding the side of friends and good times in the series. Each time, the fairies are in confrontation and fight against external forces.

In wanting to make it more adult, Netflix goes a little too much and loses the soul of the cartoon. So we could conclude that in The Winx Saga, it lacks thickness and depth in the script. It almost makes you want to find our 2004 cartoon.


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