The Winning Streak Continues: Meghan Markle Defeats Half-Sister Samantha Markle in a Libel Case in a US Court


The couple from Sussex have become more like a couple of “Successes” as their winning streak in a row continues in all aspects. Let it be the candid memoirs of Prince Harry or the multimillion-dollar Netflix documentary series that shocked the whole world. All of their projects were a big win for the couple. However, in terms of lawsuits and their consequences, Duchess Meghan Markle has suppressed all the sharp claims against her from one of her own, Samantha Markle.

It’s no secret that both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to break some important family ties as soon as they got married. However, while Prince Harry mostly had to go through an emotional roller coaster, Meghan Markle had to go through several serious court cases against her family members. A few months ago, her half-sister Samantha Markle filed a defamation lawsuit against the Duchess, which became the subject of intense attention.

Nevertheless, according to custom, good wins over evil, as does Megan over the plaintiff. The court case, which was heard by the Florida High Court, was duly dismissed, and the Duchess won the case. According to The Daily Beast, District Judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell confirmed: “As a reasonable listener will understand, the defendant is simply expressing an opinion about her childhood and her relationship with her stepbrothers and sisters.”

Thus, in light of the same, someone cannot be held accountable for simply expressing an opinion that cannot be proven false from the start. Therefore, the court found Samantha Markle’s claims “not amenable to objective verification.”

Why did Samantha Markle sue Meghan Markle?

A few months ago, the plaintiff appealed to the US court with a statement that the Duchess subjected her to extreme “humiliation, shame and hatred on a global scale.” However, all Markle did, as the court itself proclaimed, was to recall some experiences from childhood with her sister.

The main reason for the plaintiff’s aggression was Oprah Winfrey’s infamous interview with Harry and Megan after Megxit. After lively discussions between members of the royal family and the host, Samantha Markle said that her sister “falsely and maliciously” stated the facts that counted for her slander.

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