The Winchesters: Supernatural Wins Spinoff Over Dean And Sam’s Parents


The Winchesters: You were a fan of the Supernatural series and already miss you? If so, we have good news. The CW station, which broadcast the production, is producing the series The Winchesters, a spinoff that will tell the story of John and Mary, parents of Sam and Dean. The information was revealed by Deadline.

Actor Jensen Ackles will return to the story, as the plot will be told from the perspective of Dean, who will narrate the events. The Winchesters should tell the love story of Mary and John in the midst of hunting monsters.

In addition to narrating, Ackles is also among the plot’s producers, along with his wife Danneel Ackles, who was a recurring guest on the series. The screenplay will be by Robbie Thompson, executive producer of the original production.

“After Supernatural ended, we knew it wasn’t over. Because, as we say on the show, nothing ever really ends, does it?” Ackles told Deadline. “I always felt that my character, Dean, would like to know more about his parents’ relationship and how it came about. So I love the idea of ​​having him take us on this journey.”

The Supernatural series was completed in November last year, after 15 seasons on the air, and still has a large legion of fans. The plot follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who, 20 years ago, lost their mother in a tragic and mysterious accident in which supernatural forces were involved.

There is no debut forecast for The Winchesters yet.


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