The Wilds: Amazon Prime Video releases trailer


Amazon Prime Video has released the first full trailer for its new drama series The Wilds: Wild Lives, which is scheduled to hit streaming in December.

The series will accompany a group of young teenagers who end up on a desert island after the plane in which they were in an accident. There, they will need to fight for survival, while having to deal with the differences between them.

All will bring different traumas from their lives on the continent, and this will bring many conflicts between the young women, who have very different personalities and creations.

But apparently they didn’t end up there by accident, and not everyone is willing to help them get back to their previous lives.

The series can be considered a mix of the classic Lost, showing a group of survivors on a distant island, and Euphoria, from HBO, which shows the impact of society – often negative – on the lives of teenagers who are shaping their personalities to adult life.

Check out the trailer:

About The Wilds

A group of teenage girls from different backgrounds must fight for survival after a plane crash leaves them on a desert island. Young women create bonds and conflicts while learning more about each other, about the secrets they keep and the traumas they all face. There is only one twist in this exciting drama … these girls did not end up on this island by accident.

The 1st season of The Wilds debuts on Amazon Prime Video on December 11th.


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