The Wigan Pier, One of The Most Legendary Nightclubs in The UK of The 90s, Will Be Reconstructed This Year.


The reconstruction of the Wigan Pier is due to begin earlier this year.

The last part of the former Wigan Pier nightclub, which was a popular place during the house and rave scene of the 90s, was demolished in 2014.

Plans to launch a multimillion-dollar rejuvenation project were announced more than three years ago, but the developer of Step Places said that they had stalled due to the COVID pandemic, as well as rising costs.

On the territory of the Wigan Pier, this space will turn into a multifunctional space that can serve both cultural events and private weddings. A gin factory, a microbrewery and a food hall are also planned.

The pier was originally a loading dock where wagons loaded coal onto barges bound for the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

A legal agreement between the developer and Wigan Council is almost complete, meaning work is due to start next month, the Local Democracy Reporting Service has told the BBC.

The first floor of the new site will consist of a deli and a large taproom-style pub. There will also be two floors of flexible space, “suitable for weddings, conferences and cultural events.”

At the final stage, the construction of Pier 4 will be completed, which will be used for pop-up events.

David Jenkins, managing director of The Old Courts, which will be the main operator, said: “We can’t wait for these iconic beautiful buildings to become a vibrant cultural hub. It’s really coming together now.”

Aidan Thatcher, Director of Development and Economics at Wigan Council, added: “The Pier is an important and iconic part of our local heritage, synonymous with our area and known everywhere, and we are really looking forward to its next chapter.”

This news followed the closure at the end of 2022 of one of the modern gems of the London Printworks nightclub.

However, in September there were reports that the club might not close permanently, but could return to its former place in the future.

The management of the Broadwick Live site, together with the owner of the Printworks British Land building, released an update explaining that December 2022 may not mean the final closure of Printworks, as previously reported.

A Broadwick Live Group spokesperson said: “We are pleased to confirm that, in partnership with British Land, we are in detailed talks about our return to the venue after the renovation.

“Although there is still a detailed planning process that needs to be carried out before we can 100% confirm our return, we are now further along in this process than ever.”


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