The Wheel of Time: Star Comments On Long-Awaited Revelation And Future Of The Series


The Wheel of Time: In an interview with press vehicles, Josha Stradowski commented on the bombastic revelation of episode 7 of A Roda do Tempo and detailed news about the plot, giving indications of the consequences that should arise with the rise of Caminhos and with the development of relations between the five young people in the Emond Field.

The episode released last Friday (17), “The Dark on the Paths”, brought some of the most important twists for the audience, when finally the plot revealed that Rand al’Thor, from Dois Rios, is the true Dragon Reborn of the mythology and is ready to channel the One Power, energy source capable of manipulating the universe and turning the Wheel of Time.

The scene gained traction after the showing of an important flashback in which the hero’s past is presented, navigating from the rescue by farmer Tam (Michael McElhatton) to the intimate moments with Egwene (Madeleine Madden).

During their conversation, Stradowski, who plays Rand on the series and is an open fan of Robert Jordan’s books, discussed the character’s evolution in the plot and his shocking discovery, focusing on his relationship with Egwene and the real impacts of the ordering of powers. In addition, the star highlighted some important moments during filming in Fal Dara and indicated some clues about the closing of the first season.

“Well, it’s not an easy thing to accept. I mean, who would dare face such a truth? I think it takes every other moment to finally reach that conclusion in episode 7. Rand has always been someone who behaved like a leader, not someone who followed blindly. He was questioning Moiraine from the beginning and was seeing what was happening. So was Mat, who was trying to take care of himself and actively trying to get together with his friends,” explained Stradowski.

“That’s just his behavior and that’s the kind of Dragon leader behavior I saw in those early episodes,” he added.