The Wheel Of Time 1×4: Can Logain Be The Real Dragon?


The Wheel Of Time: This week, a new episode of The Wheel of Time became available to Amazon Prime Video subscribers. After a debut full of interesting elements, the characters’ search for the infamous Dragon continues in the 1×4 episode. And Logain (played by Álvaro Morte), the man in the cage, may be the one they’re looking for.

The Wheel of Time 1×4: Who Should Characters Believe?

The episode begins with a flashback, in which it is possible to see Logain alongside an army. United, they invade a castle and take its throne. It is remarkable to see how, in a very calm and astute way, the Unique Power is manifesting itself with him. Through this, the character is able to attack and at the same time defend himself, standing by the side of the newly deposed King.

Even with all the details practically exposed, Moraine (Rosamund Pike) and Lan (Daniel Henney) can’t believe Logain, who, in their view, wouldn’t fit the prophecy at any time, especially when considering his age. Kerene (Clare Perkins), on the other hand, was very impressed with the boy and with his power to easily dismiss him.

With that in mind, Aes Sedai suggests that Logain be taken back to the White Tower for a trial to be held. Only then can everyone know if he is the real Dragon. However, Liandrin (Kate Fleetwood) worries about the escort, considering that it would take a lot of power for everyone to make it safely. In this sense, she channels a specific technique of the Aes Sedai so that the plan works.

Later, Thom Merrilin (Alexandre Willaume), concerned about Mat (Barney Harris), explains to Rand (Josha Stradowski) why the One Power can be fatal. According to him, all those who come into contact with this force end up going crazy, with the exception of the Dragon Reborn. In this way, Mat’s current condition could evidence his direct contact with the One Power.

Moving towards the end, the group of protagonists was in danger, mainly because Logain’s army had gathered to free him. So, the Aes Sedai and their men must face them, while Moraine confronts Logain, who has already managed to melt the bars of his cage. With some insight into the eventual Dragon, she tries to trap him again, with the help of Liandrin and Kerene.