The werewolves of Skyrim are not real monsters


One of the many creatures roaming Skyrim are werewolves, but despite their appearance, they are not the real monsters of the region. The Silver Hand, a group of werewolf killers that the Dragonborn tracks down in the quest chain of Companions, is worse than any lycanthrope in nine holds. Their cruel and brutal actions contradict their supposedly charitable mission, so it’s not hard to feel a lack of remorse when a Dragonborn kills them in the image of a wild animal.

In Skyrim, Satellites take the place of the Guild of Fighters from other Elder Scrolls games. These are mercenaries who will solve any problem for enough gold, but who also have a strong sense of honor and reverence for their origin, Ysgramor and his original 500 Companions, who slaughtered almost all the elves in Skyrim and settled humanity in the region, the edge. It is unknown exactly when the 500 companions of Skyrim took the blood of a werewolf, but this practice continues in the events of the game, until the Dragonborn joins and brings the heads of the witches of Grenmoril to Kodlak Whitemain in order to rid him and other members of the Inner Circle of their lycanthropy.

The Silver Hand seeks to destroy every member of the Companions, regardless of whether they are werewolves or not. They manage to kill the Dragonborn Shield’s brother, Skjor, and while this can be considered self-defense, few of their other actions can be so easily justified. Instruments of torture, captive werewolves and heads on spikes are a common occurrence at their bases, painting an alarming picture of their actions to rid Skyrim of lycanthropes. They can be some of the most terrifying and scary enemies in Skyrim, mainly because they are not monsters, but people who think they are doing the right thing.

Why is the Silver Hand so bad in Skyrim

At first glance, a group engaged in the extermination of wild man-eating animals seems that they would be one of the good guys. However, they prove that they can be anything, just not during the Skyrim’s Companions quests after the Dragonborn himself becomes a werewolf. The first sign of their malice is that they ambush Farkas and the player in the Pyramid of Scavengers. While Dovakin is locked in a cage, they surround Farkas with the intention of killing him. They specifically state that it does not matter who he is, and that as long as he is a member of the Associates, he will die at their hands. Fortunately, Farkas is one of the followers Skyrim, who can’t really die, and he quickly deals with them. There is no evidence that the Associates feuded with the Silver Hand or attacked it to initiate this feud, but it is clear that one side is more violent than the other.

In addition to the ambush and death of Skjor, the Silver Hand also kills Kodlak White Mane near the end of the quest chain of Companions. Kodlak is an extremely wise and patient man, respected not only among his Associates and residents of Whiterun, but throughout Skyrim. He is also actively working to cure the lycanthropy of his Companions, but it seems that the Silver Hand either does not know or does not care. Given their brutality, it is possible that they would even actively prevent their Comrades from treating themselves if they knew about Kodlak’s plan to prevent them from entering Sovngard, the Hall of Valor of Skyrim for respected dead Nords.

Why does the Silver Hand hate companions in Skyrim so much?

The Silver Hand of Skyrim are mostly werewolf hunters, but they have a special hatred for their Companions, despite the fact that there are only a small number of lycanthropes among them. The reason may be the items that some of them carry in their inventory. Some members of the Silver Hand will have issues of the Songs of Return book series, which details the crusade of Ysgramor and 500 companions to destroy the elves of Skyrim. It seems strange that the Silver Hand took these books with them, given that they tell the story of their sworn enemies, but there must be some reason.

Perhaps the reason why the Silver Hand carries the Songs of Return is that they can better understand their Comrades-in-Arms and, therefore, fight them, as in the proverb “know your enemy”. However, they may also have more of a connection to Skyrim’s first man in Tamriel than it seems. The Silver Hand may have books on the history of the Companions, because their original members once counted themselves among them and broke away from the rest, taking the blood of a werewolf. Kodlak claims that several Harbingers have come and gone since the Companions first became werewolves, so apparently it was a very long time ago.