The Weirdest Easter Egg of the D.C. Super-Pet League Has Gone Through Everyone’s Heads


Warning! DC Super Pet League spoilers ahead!

Easter eggs are commonplace for comic book—based movies, but the best DC League of Super-Pets reference flew faster than a flying super-dog. As in most animated films intended for a young audience, a bit of humor is included in the film to entertain parents as well. DC League of Super-Pets does not disappoint, offering an incredibly funny and accurate reference to the classic dystopia.

DC’s Super Pet League follows Crypto (voiced by DCEU’s Black Adam, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), Superman’s dog, as the Man of Steel sidelines him in favor of Lois Lane. Meanwhile, a sad group of animals are adopted at an animal shelter in Metropolis, including a boxer named Ace, a lop-bellied pig named PB, a turtle named Merton, a squirrel named Chip, and a bald guinea pig named Lulu. The plot unfolds after it turns out that Lulu was a test animal “rescued” from Lex Luthor’s lab when Crypto and Superman arrive to save the day. Lulu, however, has been (and is) loyal to Luthor and is developing a plan to use the power of orange kryptonite to escape from the asylum and reunite with her master.

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Ace (Kevin Hart from True Story) he quickly established himself as the leader of the other animals from the shelter and tells his cellmates a story, telling them that he is going to release them and take them to a farm “in the north” where they can live in peace without people putting them in cages. In response, PB replies, “That doesn’t sound ominous at all.” A quick and incredibly clever reference to George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel “Animal Farm”, and this reference only gets better as the plot of DC’s “League of Super Pets” continues.

D.C. Super-Pet League Refers to George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”

In Orwell’s classic 1945 novel, a group of farm animals unite to overthrow a farmer, but find themselves at the mercy of Napoleon’s power-hungry pig. Hilariously, after Ace tells the animals about the mythical farm in DC League of Super-Pets, Lulu (voiced by Kate McKinnon from Saturday Night Live) stages her rebellion using orange kryptonite to give herself away (and, unbeknownst to Lulu, another hideout). animals) superpowers. As in Orwell’s novel, all animals are now equal.

Continuing the reference, Lulu then overthrows the notorious “farmer” by taking over the Justice League, and frees Luthor, who she expects will rule nearby. However, her plan is thwarted when Luthor sees her not as a peer, but as a guinea pig. By the final battle, Lulu becomes a real villain after capturing her master (Lex Luthor) and begins to rule tyrannically, as Napoleon did after the expulsion of Cattle farmer Jones and his fellow pig leader Snowball.

Since DC’s “Super Pet League” is primarily a children’s movie, the movie ends with the super pets being on top, playing to the PG-rated public. However, the film masterfully completes the reference to the “Animal Farm” when Luthor’s assistant saves Lulu in the middle of the credits of the “League of Super Pets” of the District of Columbia, creating an alliance between them that mirrors Napoleon’s alliance with neighboring human farmers at the end of Orwell’s novel. But while “Animal Farm” ends pointedly and poetically with Napoleon at the top as a cautionary tale about a corrupt government, “The League of Super Pets” of the District of Columbia most likely just leaves room for a super sequel, “Sunny Paw-Punch.”


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