The Waylanders to be released July 27 on GOG


After its premiere on Steam, the game will make its way onto the Projekt RED CD platform, also in early access. The Galician RPG The Waylanders has already been released in early access via Steam, but it will soon do the same on another platform.

Gato Studio has announced that it will be published in GOG on July 27, through the Games in Development program (in other words, in early access). Although the title will cost 34.99 euros, it will have an initial discount of 10%. The developer has confirmed that its full price will be established for the final launch.

The Waylanders transports the player to a world inspired by Galician and Irish mythology, so there will be time travels between the Celtic and medieval era. The studio has built a real-time combat system with tactical pause, so that users will have the opportunity to manage the group and shape their fighting strategy with flexibility. They will be able to choose skills and experiment with different formations, which will provide more tactical depth.

The contents of early access

In numbers, the work of Wild Cat has 6 basic classes, 30 advanced and 9 companions who will accompany us on the adventure. As in many role-playing games, there will also be the possibility of experiencing steamy romances. Although the title will last about 40 hours in its final version, the alpha only includes the beginning and part of the Celtic era (about 12 hours approximately). In this version, the aforementioned colleagues are present, 8 locations, 40 stages and much more. While the development lasts, the title will be entirely in English. However, it will later be translated into different languages: Spanish, Galician, French, German, Russian and Chinese.

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They promise a weekly update and frequent updates. These patches will add content and improvements to functionality already implemented. The Steam version and the GOG version will receive these updates at the same time.

The Waylanders is in development for PC. No console adaptation has yet been announced.


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