The way to hide WhatsApp app on iPhone


With this trick you will be able to modify the WhatsApp icon on your iPhone so that no one else finds the application, it will be hidden in plain sight!

If you have an iPhone you can have great security reasons, or just for fun, to hide the WhatsApp application from prying eyes by modifying its appearance, that is, the thumbnail image of its logo can be easily changed for a personalized one.

All Apple users know that the company is strict in customizing the interface compared to other operating systems such as Android, where the font type can be modified and there is even a wide catalog of themes to configure the application icons as best it seems to them.

However, there is a little trick to camouflage WhatsApp and any other application you want on an iPhone, preventing other people from detecting it with the naked eye by looking at your cell phone.

Hide WhatsApp on iPhone

Have you heard the trick of hiding something in plain sight? Well, the phrase became famous for something and in this case, it is perhaps the best way to hide WhatsApp on an iPhone allowing it to be visible to everyone but with another appearance, so that no one can recognize that it is the instant messaging service .

How to hide the application? With the help of an external application, not only can the WhatsApp logo be customized, but any other app can be modified by creating your own icons or drawing on top of the original, and there is even the option to change the name that appears on the screen Home.

The disadvantage? The Iconical application, which makes the magic of this trick possible, is paid, so before making the transaction in the App Store, it is best to read a little about its functions in case you want to buy it.

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When entering Iconical and choosing the WhatsApp application, by clicking on this option located at the top, a pop-up menu with a series of customization alternatives will be displayed, with which you can change the recognized green square with the WhatsApp logo

Change icon from camera. The first option allows the user to take a picture instantly to set it as an application image. Additionally you can also add an existing file from the library.
Modify the icon with a pencil. As its name implies, this tool is used to draw a completely original icon in pencil, with all the colors you prefer.
Customize the icon. Finally, by clicking on this option, you can configure the size of the logo, whether it is bigger or smaller, and it can even be cut freely.

With these tools it will be more than enough for you to configure the WhatsApp icon without anyone else knowing what it is about. But if what you are looking for is to hide WhatsApp content, then what you need is another specialized application.

Hide chats on WhatsApp Web

The extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and is called Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web. It is an extension designed to hide any content in the application, offering different ways to protect the privacy of our chat.

For this we have three ways of using the extension. One of them is to hide messages and multimedia, such as photos or videos. The other alternative is to hide the thumbnails of the images or videos, so that they are not seen either.

We can also hide only the text that we enter in the WhatsApp windows, or we can also hide it from the profile photos of the users or even the names of the groups and people with whom we chat.


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