The Watcher, The Most Powerful (And Unknown) Hero In The Marvel Universe


Although at first the publisher spread the idea that he was a forgotten character from the golden age (1961), his creation is due to the screenwriter Paul Jenkins in the year 2000.
One of the recurring debates among lovers of superhero comics is to look for similarities between the characters of the two great publishers of the genre, Marvel and DC, some of them are more than evident (Namor-Aquaman, Batman-Daredevil, Green Arrow-Ojo Falcon, Darkseid-Thanos, Wasp-Bumblebee) and others require large doses of imagination. In these discussions the name of Superman always comes up, whose alter ego is not found in Marvel, but the truth is that since 2000 there has been a superhero, the most powerful in that universe, with whom he shares many characteristics.

Media birth

The Sentry’s landing at Marvel is one of the biggest hoaxes, if not the biggest, in comic book history. Wizard magazine (1991-1911), in collusion with the publisher, spread the story that after the death of unknown artist Artie Rosen, his widow had found a box labeled Marvel Comics that “contained comics, documents and files.” So she decided to return it to the company, where she went missing until writer Paul Jenkins accidentally picked it up. Jenkins found several comic book sketches (Amazing Stories #1), outlining a Superman-like character called The Sentry. All of this was dated 1961 and signed by Stan Lee and Artie Rosen. That meant it was pre-release work for all the great heroes of Marvel’s golden age: Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Avengers… and its value was incalculable. In reality, everything was part of a magnificent marketing operation with which Marvel put its new bet, The Sentry, in the forefront.

Limited series and in limbo

On September 1, 2000, the first issue of the limited series signed by Jenkins (The Sentry #1) came out, which presented a superhero whose powers eclipsed those of Superman (invulnerbale, super speed, immortal, laser vision, flight, control of the cosmic energies, super strength…) but whose human alter ego, Bob Reynolds, was an alcoholic and mentally unbalanced. As a point of balance for such a force, The Void was created, an evil identity that was generated unconsciously by the Sentry himself and whose power increased at the same time as that of the superhero. The solution to defeat this other plenipotentiary being was for Reynolds to erase the memory of all beings on Earth, including himself. So everyone lost the memory of the superhero, including Marvel, who did not know exactly what to do with a being of such power, whose physical and psychic abilities could destroy the entire universe (he has the energy of a million suns).