The War Between the Cryptocurrency World and Google


Vitalik Buterin is concerned about Google tracking Apple and implementing the IAP billing system for apps. Therefore, he thinks that there is a need for an alternative to the Play Store.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin was alarmed after the rumor that Google was forcing all app makers to use the billing system for IAP or in-app purchases, and expressed his belief that alternative app stores as well as alternative operating systems should be created immediately.

Google has required Android apps to use the IAP billing system after 2021. Vitalik Buterin shared an article that tracks Apple and discusses Google’s rumors about all Android-powered apps on the Play Store starting to use the IAP billing system.

UISA refers to in-app purchases. By doing this, Google seems determined to be an intermediary between app manufacturers and app buyers. Previously, consumers uploaded their debit card data to a third party, but Google’s IAP system only shared this data with the Play Store. But now, all payments for apps, subscriptions, updates, and in-app purchases will go through Google. Google will also get its own stake in the process of transferring the payment to the app manufacturer.

Buterin: We Should Build Our Own Store

Buterin, the Russian-Canadian computer genius and co-founder of Ethereum, seems concerned by these events, which show that Google’s power is expanding further to include all Android applications. Overall, this is another step Google is taking towards strengthening its centralized power in the IT world.

Forcing mandatory in-app payments, Google is following the lead of Apple, who recently did something similar and received complaints from Coinbase. Especially in the case of Coinbase, Apple even censored the dapp list the exchange wanted to share. Buterin thinks that alternatives should be developed for app stores. According to him, more operating systems for mobile phones must be made soon:

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“We need more competition in app stores and ultimately mobile operating systems, and we need it right now.”

Buterin suggested that “we” should make our own app store. However, it is not clear who he means by “us”. This segment could be Ethereum or the global crypto community. In the coming days, we will see together whether this proposal will come true or not.


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